If you have decided to spend your vacation on the sea side, we think that the destination that we have to offer can be interesting one. That is because Perast is destination full of history and cultural happenings.

  Advantage that you receive by cooperating directly with us is bypassing high commission fees of tourist operator agencies. Our best advertisement is bulks of satisfied guests through last several years.

Apartments description

  We have to offer apartments in Franovic family house, 50m from the beach.

  Apartments in Franovic family house are adapted for pleasant stay and relaxation

  Franovic family house has 3 (three) well equipped apartments.
 2) apartments are with 4 beds each
 1 (one) has 2 beds.

   The house has its own 80 m³ water tank. By all means, water for guests is secure during the whole summer season.

  The Franovic house and Perast surroundings

not for lease in 2014

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